We, Kirsten (55) and Volker (53), a life-loving couple, live in a small village in Germany, surrounded by pristine nature. We are passionate about living in close connection with nature, healthy food, healing, meditation and tranquility. We love to travel and to connect with wonderful souls from all over the world.
We are grateful to have the opportunity to grow and evolve-both personally and spiritually-and to create things together with like-minded people. We love to make the world an even more beautiful and wonderful place for all beings.

Let your Light Shine
Kirsten & Volker

About Kirsten

Chef, Nutritionist, QiGong Teacher
Certified Akashic Records Reader
Kirsten is an incredibly wonder- and beautiful woman and a living phenomena. So many talents, so little time... So where to begin?

First and foremost she has the precious talent to make people smile and/or laugh, when she enters a room. She always finds the right words to talk to people and helps others to feel good and comfortable. She's a mindful teacher and leader, with the ability to instruct and guide individuals and groups. Sometimes it scares me, how easy it is, to live and work with her.

Kirsten is really funny and open-minded. No wonder. She has lived in different countries, e.g. in the Netherlands and Spain and sailed the Caribbean on a catamaran as a Chef. She speaks and writes German, English, Spanish and Dutch. She loves to move, sing and dance. She is lively, energetic and very much herself.

Kirsten is an amazing Chef. She was running a cooking school for many years, where she could share her passion for healthy and organic food. She is specialized in ayurvedic and vegetarian dishes and organizes cooking events for up to 70 participants.

She is passionate about spiritual growth and teaches QiGong and meditation. She is a Sound Healer and loves to do Akashic Records Readings. She helps others to improve their health—both physically and mentally in small group gatherings and retreats.

To know her is to love her.


About Volker

Webdesigner, Photographer, Writer
Certified Akashic Records Reader
Volker is a very warm-hearted and lovely person with an open mind, a smiling soul and a great sense of humour.

A well-balanced man with an extraordinary talent for creating beauty and harmony. He is very creative in finding solutions for any challenge and he always thinks and acts in a positive way. He loves nature, photography, architecture & design, travelling, good food and being with likewise-minded people who want to grow. He is a great writer and photographer among a lot of other talents. Volker speaks and writes German and English and a little bit of French.

In my eyes he is a man that can do anything! No matter if it is cutting wood, painting a house, making a garden flourish, building new paths, cooking an excellent stew or creating a feel good atmosphere. Volker is a great listener and he is able to help others to move forward. He is a wonderful friend you can always trust and rely on.

He is a fearless person with a great passion for growing, also in a spiritual way. He is very mindful and has a great sense of respect for all beings on this planet.

He really enriched my life in the past eleven years with his unconditional love and respect. No discussions, no arguing at all. He always supported my personal growth and development not by telling me what to do, but by lovingly holding my hand.

So wonderful!